Reusable By-Products

EnEco has developed a way for your community to attain "zero waste" status using one of the world's most modern Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) recycling and resource recovery systems.

Hopefully your area has source separation programs. Sadly, even if you do, you probably dump over 50% of your remaining MSW in a landfill. The EnEco TOPS plant is designed to take all that remaining waste, although, we think of your waste as mixed up resources rather than waste. Smelly resources, but still, materials with value. If you don't have recycling programs that's alright too. EnEco is able to set up a resource recovery plant that will take your unsorted garbage and fully utilize all of it at a lower cost than you currently pay to "waste" your waste.

Renewable Energy that is continuous and reliable.

In the process of decomposing MSW that is otherwise destined for a landfill, energy is released in the carbon conversion cycle of TOPS and harnessed to provide continuous energy to an electrical generator. That means your community would be home to a decentralized source of renewable energy that is always available, not just when the wind blows or sun is shining.

Cooling or Heating:

TOPS can power air conditioners and heaters for buildings of all types: either in combination with a electrical power plant, or on a dedicated basis.

Lock up CO2 into plants:

An algae growng subsystems is offered in order to assimilate CO2 generated by the gasifiaction process and convert into oil for use as bio-fuel or animal feed. We also offer high yeild aquaponic sub-systems that produce firm white fish and nutritious herbs and vegetables.  We also like to grow tree seedlings and plant them in the community for long term CO2 offsets.

Make drinking water from the atmosphere:

We can use the energy from TOPS to condense water from the atmosphere: it's like drinking pure rianwater. These systems are reliable source of purified water year round: about 250,000 liters per day from every 100 tons of garbage processed.