Waste Management

EnEco has advocated community recycling programs since it's inception.

Smaller, and decentralized: modular TOPS equipment does not set up a demand for waste that cannot be reduced; in fact, we always advise our plants be built to a size that is below current disposal volumes in order to ensure additional room that increase recycling rates as much as possible.

The very addition of TOPS will of course immediately and dramatically increase local recycling rates because all materials, that are otherwise being sent to a landfill, and becoming "waste", are utilized and recovered for recycling making them assets and not waste.

Energy recovered in this process is done in a fully controlled environment with no possibility of water table contamination, energy losses, or other unknown pollutants entering the atmosphere. Landfills pose a long term liability and threat to the local aquifer, and can in no way, in any circumstance, recover more than even half of all the energy available; landfills can never return any metal, glass or other valuable raw materials to society once dumped.

Save the expense and damage to the atmosphere and stop trucking waste, with non-renewable polluting trucks, to landfills and start using these materials to create local jobs, renewable energy, heating and cooling, food and bio-oil.